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What are Seller in Business

Definition of Seller in Business

What are sellers in business? And why are they necessary for any market. A seller is a person or entity engaged in providing goods or services or property to the buyer. These are the people who give goods or services to the buyer in exchange for money. It is mandatory for the seller to do any transaction. The seller is that element of a market without which the market is not possible. But in any market, apart from the seller, it is also necessary to have a buyer. For the exchange of any commodity, it is also necessary to have the buyer along with the seller in the market.

The meaning of seller is given in simple words, then the seller is called the person who does the work of selling any goods or services. The seller can be anyone. Whether person, organization, company, firm, in simple words, sellers are all those persons who collect money by selling goods or services to the buyer. The seller always wants that someone buys his item, for this, many types of offers or discounts are also given by the seller. The reason for this is that the buyer can buy the seller’s item as soon as possible.

Understanding seller in business

When a market is created, it is necessary for the buyer and seller to be there first because without them the market of any commodity cannot be possible. When a person or organization produces a commodity, it is called a producer of the commodity. After producing the product, the producer offers that item for sale in the market, then he is called a seller. The seller can be anyone. If for some reason a person sells his used goods in the market, then he too is a kind of seller.

It often happens that people exchange things for things. This is done so that both the people get the things of their own needs. In this process of bartering also the person is the seller. There can be several types of sellers, they can be classified on the basis of the seller’s market, or their category.

Types of seller in business

These may include examples of sellers. There can also be many types of sellers, which can be divided on their experience or on the market.

Short time seller: – A seller is a person or organization whose products or services are owned by him. All those sellers are included in the short time seller who like to sell their goods in the market as soon as possible. They do not have the ability to keep the object with them for a long time. These sellers try to sell their goods as soon as possible. So that if the prices of the commodity fall in the coming time, then they do not have to suffer. Due to lack of market experience or due to being small sellers, this problem persists in them.

Long time seller: – This type of seller has been doing business in the market for a long time. Since they have a lot of experience in the market, the problem of losing them is less. They do not believe in selling their goods quickly. These big sellers do not sell the item until the right prices of the item are received. Such sellers exercise the option, and do their production by taking the risk and get the right prices.

Example of seller in business

Let me give you an example of a stock market so that it becomes easy for the seller to understand. Suppose 10 shares were purchased by Abc company at the rate of 1,000/- a share. The price of all the shares is Rs. 10,000/-. If this has been done by the Abc company that it will sell all the shares for Rs 12,000/-. But even if the price of the shares decreases due to some reason, the shares will not be sold by the company. When the share price will increase to 12,000/- then all the shares will be sold by the company. Thus it is proved that the risk was taken by the company, as a result of which the company got benefit.

But it is not necessary that everything should be profitable by the seller. Many things also harm the seller. There can be many reasons for the loss. Such an item was bought by the seller, whose market will come in a long time and by then the commodity will be spoiled, then in this situation the seller will have to sell his item in the market at a low price. But because the big sellers have more knowledge of time, it is less likely that they will suffer loss.

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