What are B2B Sales?

What are B2B Sales?

What are B2B Sales?

Business-to-business (B2B) describes a relationship, situation, or marketplace between one business entity and another. A B2B company is one that sells to other businesses.

B2B sales refer to a sales model or a category of selling wherein a business sells its products or services to another business. Because B2B sales usually involve higher price points, more complex processes, and several touchpoints over multiple channels, B2B companies need to maintain a team of highly-trained B2B sales professionals in order to drive revenue.

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B2B Payments Definition

The definition of business-to-business payments or B2B payments is the transfer of value denominated in currency from buyer to supplier for goods or services supplied. B2B payments can be a one-time or recurring transaction depending on the contractual agreement made between the buyer and supplier. B2B payments are more complex than business-to-consumer or B2C payments since B2B payment processing requires more time to approve and settle the transaction which can take days or weeks. Whereas in B2C payment processing, the transaction is typically settled on the spot.

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What is B2B data?

B2B data (or Business-to-Business data) is any form of information regarding other businesses. B2B data generally consists of a list or database of individual contacts with an array of data points that can be used for various sales and marketing activities.

Such activities can include creating your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), demand generation, lead generation, outbound sales, analytics, and more.

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