Complete Tally Course Detail in India

Friends, today I will give you complete information of Tally course in India, in which details of tally course, How you can become an accountant, and if you have done tally then scope of tally and what jobs you can get in it, I will tell you today. I will give full details. For this, you have to read this entire blog carefully so that you can get complete information and there should not be any question related to tally accounting in your mind.

Meaning of tally

Friends tally is an accounting course, in this we keep all kinds of accounts. Friends, let me explain to you in more simple language, when people used to keep their accounts in copies or accounts in the olden days, there was a lot of problem in maintaining it, and it also took a lot of time. If the account of a person had to be seen, he had to read all the registers, which also took a lot of time and if the old records were lost, then there was a lot of problem in reconciling the accounts. Due to more books, I used to have trouble arranging them and it also took a lot of time.

But with the advent of the computer, it takes less time to work and the work becomes more. And since tally accounting software has come, it has become very easy to do accounting. In this, no matter how old the record is, you can easily find it.

Which tally course is best

Friends, if we talk about tally course, then it takes about 3 months to do this course, if you want, you can also do tally course online, in doing tally course you must have 12th pass from any subject. But friends, if you do tally course of 2-3 months then you will not get its diploma, if you want to take tally course diploma then you have to do its diploma course, which lasts for 1 year. And if you go for a job somewhere, then the person with diploma is given the job first.

Tally course Fees in india

Friends, if I tell you about the fees of tally course, then it can be from 2500 / – to 7000 / -, in this the fee structure of each institute is different. If you are learning online then its fees can also be low and many people even teach it for free. If you do diploma courses of 1 year then its fees can be high.

Benefit of Tally Accounting Course in India

If we talk about its benefit, then it has a lot of benefits, because today the accounting is being done everywhere by computer, whether the company is big or small, every company keeps accountants, and in this case if you have knowledge of tally accounting then you get a job. If you want, you can easily do a job in a bank, school, and company. Whether you have diploma or not. And if you know tally and you have a company, even then you can keep an account and see what is happening in the business.

Accountant salary in India Per Month

If you talk about salary, then you can get salary from about 8000/- to 25000/- and it depends whether you are fresher or experience. Many accountants work part time, due to which they get good salary, and also have to spend less time. But when you gradually become experienced then your salary also increases. If you are working as an accountant in a big company then your salary can be more than 25000/-

Tally courses syllabus in India

1. What is tally?

2. What is account?

3. Financial year

4. Golden rules of accounting

5. Company creation in tally (youtube link:- Create company in tally erp 9 )

6. Journal Entry

7. Vouchers Types

8. Payroll

9. Taxation

10. Profit & loss account

11. Balance sheet

12. Trial balance

13. Income

14. Expenses

15. Liability

16. Assets

17. Day Book

18. Inventory maintain

Apart from this, in tally accounting, you are given all the information related to accounting.

Friends, I have given you all the information related to tally accounting, if you want any other information related to this then comment me.

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