The Scope of Accounting in India

What is scope in Accounting filed

Hi Friends, you must have read in the title that whether there is scope in the accounting field or not, often people think that how much money an accountant would have earned. Many people would think that a person keeping an account would earn at most 15 or 20 thousand a month. But my friends are not like that at all.

Those who know this, but those who do not know, let me tell them that the salary of accountant in big companies is very good, they get the salary of 1 lakh rupees or more in about a month and their whole year’s package. Talking about it, it can be from 10 to 15 lakhs or even more. So friends, if you are also thinking of Becoming an Accountant, and if you also feel that the accountant field is not a good scope, then you are thinking wrong, friends, let me tell you how to become a great accountant and How can I work in a big multinational company?

What Skills Required for a Better Accounting Career

Friends, you should always remember that if any company is giving you a job then. The company does not only search for an employee, it looks for a multi-talented person, the company likes to have such a person who gets all the work done, that is to say, but the company also looks for a problem-solving person. And all this depends on your skills, now the question comes at which level do you want to work, do you want to become an Accountant, want to become an HR, want to become a manager, or do a job in a big multinational company. First, you set your goal, because if your goal will be set, then you will set your skills accordingly, then by preparing you can apply well.

What skills need for best accountant

  • Day to day accounting
  • Payment & receipts
  • Petty cash
  • Taxation (GST, TDS )
  • Inventory maintain
  • Depreciation calculation
  • Trial balance
  • Payroll maintain (PF, PT, labor welfare,  salary sheets )
  • Provision and adjustment
  • Book closing process
  • Profit & loss preparation
  • Tax audit report ( 3ca-3cd 3cb-3cb )
  • Company annual return
  • Return filing (online, offline )
  • Income tax ( ITR return filing

So friends, prepare some of the things that I have told you, so that you can easily get a job in a big company, because if you have good skills, then the company can also keep you big positions, so if you do accounting If you want to come in the field, then first select a goal and prepare according to it.

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