Inventory Voucher in Tally Accounting.

Inventory Voucher in Tally Accounting

Inventory Voucher is used to make any kind of stock related entry in tally. In accounting voucher only account entry can be done but in inventory voucher all the entries related to stock like warehouse, stock, value of stock, location, quantity etc., all types of entries are made in inventory voucher.

To start this, when you Create Company In Tally. after creating the company, a window comes in which only the option to maintain the account and maintain the inventory comes. In this you have to do yes to maintain inventory and integrate accounts with inventory. Which is visible in the image below.

Types of Inventory Vouchers in Tally Accounting

1. Purchase Order

2. Sales Order

3. Inward Rejection

4. Outward Rejection

5. Stock Journal

6. Delivery Note

7. Receipt Note

8. Physical Stock

Inventory Voucher Example in Tally Accounting

1. Purchase Order :- (ALT+F4) The order which is placed in front of any business to buy the goods is known as Purchase Order in Tally. There is no transaction in cash in this transaction. It is a written document between the buyer and the supplier. And later after coming up with the bill of goods, the buyer makes the payment to the supplier.

2. Sell order (ALT+F5) A sales order is the opposite of a purchase order. In this, the goods of one person by a company have to reach the customer on a certain date and in a certain quantity. This is called a sales order.

3. Inward Rejection:– If the goods are returned by a person, then they do it in the entry voucher, it is a type of rejection.

4. Outward Rejection: – The entry for the return of the purchased item is made in the voucher.

5. Stock Journal:- This voucher is used to transfer goods from one warehouse to another.

6. Delivery Note:- When the goods are sent and the receipt is sent along with the goods, it is called delivery note.

7. Receipt Note: – While placing an order for any goods and the receipt that comes with the goods is called receipt note.

8. Physical Stock:- Physical stock options are exercised to obtain stock information in the business.

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