History of tally accounting software in India

Friends, if you want to become an accountant in Tally or want to know about it, then first you should know what is the full form of Tally. The full form of tally is transaction allowed in a liner yards.

Friends, today I will tell when Tally started and who is Tally’s father.

Friends Tally was created by Shyam Sundar Goinka and his son Bharat Goinka in the year 1986.

What was the reason for creating Tally Accounting Software?

 Shyam Sundar Goenka used to run a big company, and his company used to provide raw material and machine parts to the people. Now in such a big company, transactions were also done in large quantities. So to maintain so many transactions, they did not have such software, in which they could maintain their accounts. Shyam Sundar ji’s son Bharat Goenka was a graduate in mathematics, so Shyam Sundar ji told him that you should make such a software so that the accounts of your company can be easily done. So Bharat Goenka initially created an accounting software named MS Dos Application and it was created in the year 1986. And named it Peutronic Financial Accounting. But friends, only multiplication, division, addition and subtraction work could be done in this software.

Friends, in the year 1988, the name of petronic financial accounting was changed to tally. And after that new updates of Tally kept coming and new features were added to it.

Tally version list with year

Friends, if we talk about the updates of tally, then since the launch of tally, till date many versions of tally have been updated whose details are given below.

1986 =   Peutronic Financial Accounting

1988 =   Tally (power of simplicity)

1999 =   Tally solution

2001 =   Tally 6. 3 (Education, accounting, licence )

2005 =   Tally 7.2 ( Value added tax VAT )

2006 =   8.1 version

2009 =   Tally Erp 9 (Business Management Solution)

2016 =   ( for gst )

2017 =   ( lauch for gst tally )

Friends, if you do not know how to create a company in tally, then you can create a company in tally erp 9 by clicking on company create.

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