The Functions of an Accountant in Office

What are the job of an accountant in Office

Hi friends, Do you know that what is the work of an accountant in the office, many students do not know that if they do the work of an accountant, then what work they will have to do in the office or what will be their responsiveness. So friends, today I will tell you what is the normal work of an accountant.

If you want to work as an accountant and if you think that where you will go to work, what work will you have to do, then friends, it depends whether the office where you are working is big, or small, or any Multinational company. If you are working in a big multinational company, then there will be more accountants and you will not have to do all the work, there everyone has different work and if you are the only accountant in your office then you will have to do all the work related to the accountant. What I am telling you is below.

Work of an accountant in office


An accountant has the job of collecting the data of all the transactions in the business and then presenting a report to the company. The Balance sheet and profit and loss account are also to be disclosed.

company’s annual performance

An accountant also has to give a yearly report to his company, in which it is written whether the company has made profit or loss this year, as well as the company, has to give an opinion as to what can be done by doing profit or loss. If there is more loss than what should be done, so that the deficit can be worked out, this also has to be told to the accountant.     

The accountant verifies the documents

An accountant also has to verify the documents like someone made the bill wrong, or someone has to pay the payment and his documents are wrong or not complete, then the accountant separates the wrong documents and takes the correct documents.

Backing up your work daily

An accountant always keeps a daily backup of his work, so that if his data is lost or stolen, then in this situation he can use this backup to retrieve all the records. The accountant keeps the data of his company very carefully so that the data does not come into the hands of anyone and there is no loss of any kind to the company.

Working according to the new rules

An accountant is always of learning attitude because there are always new rules coming in the accounting line, such as banking, taxation, file return, so the accountant is always active about it and gets updated with time.

Pay salary to staff every month

The work of preparing the salary sheet to the staff is also done by the accountant, he has to prepare the salary sheet of all the staff and after deducting the advance or whatever is deducted from his salary, he reads to prepare the salary sheet and give it to the company, so that the company or office staff Pays salary.

Apart from this, the work of accountants like tax, TDS, banking, returning RTR files, etc. remains.

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