How To Create Ledger in Tally ERP 9

Friends, today I am going to tell you that what is ledger in tally, and how to create  ledger in tally. Accounting is a process of business so that the owner can know whether he is getting Profit or Loss in his business.

Friends, when we book the accounts of any company or firm, then we have to give account of everything. And we have to journal the records of the business, which we call a journal entry, and when we do a journal entry, we have to record every entry we make. So that we can get complete information about that particular account.

And when we check trial balance then we get complete information correctly.But friends, we can do this whole process only when we have ledger.When we have all the records, then everything gets mixed up. But when we create ledgers, we segregate them according to their group.For example, if someone has bought a goods, then all the records related to the purchase will be made and put in the purchase letter.

All the records relating to sales will be transferred to the sales ledger, and if there is any expenditure, a separate account of each expenditure shall be created and expenditure recorded therein.

Friends, if you do not know how to create company in tally, then read my post on how to create a company in tally, you will not face any problem in forming a company.

How to create ledger in Tally ERP 9

Friends, if you do not know how to make a ledger in Tally, then I am telling you very easy steps by which you can easily make a ledger.

Create new ledger in tally ERP 9

1. Gateway of Tally

2. Account Info

3. Ledger

4. open ledger window

5. Ledger name

6. And then press enter and come out, you create the ledger

You have to make sure that whatever bookkeeping you are making, put it in its correct group, otherwise neither your trial balance nor profit and loss account will be correct.

How to create ledger in tally prime

Friends, this is the new version of tally which has been launched on 9 November 2020, in this new version, the options have gone a little further behind, so I will tell you how you can create a new ledger in tally prime.

create ledger in tally prime step by step

1. company create

2. gateway of tally

3. create company

4. ledger

5. ledger name

6. select group

7. fill simple column

8. opening balance (if you want to take, then leave it)

9. enter

So after doing this process your ledger will be created in tally prime.

Friends, if you do not know how to create a company in Tally or if you are facing any problem in company creation, then you can read my How To Create Company in Tally blog.

Thank you…………..

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