Create Company in Tally erp 9 Step By Step

Today I will tell you how to create a company in tally, friends, it often happens that students learn tally, but when they form a company, they make some small mistakes, due to which the company is not formed properly. today I will tell you how to form a company in a very easy way and even if you do not know anything in Tally, you will learn to form a company in the right way.

          Friends, to create a company in Tally, first of all it is necessary to have Tally installed in your system. Friends, first of all, you have to install Tally in the system and after installing Tally’s icon will be coming on your desktop, click on it. If the Tally icon is not appearing on your desktop, then you go to the system search bar and click on it, your tally will open.

Friends, let me also tell you that the meaning of company creation in Tally Erp 9 is when we collect records in our business and maintain them in a systematic way in tally, and to maintain it when we form a company. If so, in this tally it is called company creation,

 Company creation in tally shortcut key / most shortcut key in tally

Friends, I will tell you about the shortcut key to create company in tally, so that even if you press them, you will reach the company creation option. If your tally is EDUCATION VERSION then you have to press W first by clicking on Tally’s ICON and if EDUCATION VERSION is not there then Tally will open automatically.

YOU TUBE LINK: – How to create company in tally

Company creation in tally shortcut key

  1. Press w (if your tally education version)

2. Enter

3. Press = c

4. Enter

5. Open company creation windows

6. Fill the detail of company

And then

Ctrl + a

You company will be created.

Now friends, if you have a tally with education mode, then when you open tally tally, a window will come and education mode will be written at the end of it. So either you select it or press w directly from the keyboard, your tally will open.when your tally will be open, you will get the option by doing company info on the windows and click on create company will come under it.

Now you will come to the company creation page. Now you write the name of your company in the name column and some details are given below, it is very simple, fill it correctly.

After that 2 options come in the books of financial year detail. In this, the first financial year comes from beginning, it means that you have to fill in the financial year from which you are maintaining accounting.

But friends, you have to keep in mind that in tally, the financial year starts from 1st April, so you also put 1st April from whichever session you are starting accounting.and after this the second option book starting from comes, then you put the same date above in it.

And if you are doing new accounting then leave the rest of the options as they are, and exit by pressing enter. Your company will be created.

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Thank you ……………