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How to Become an Accountant

Friends, Do you also want to become an accountant, and if you are wondering where should I start so that I can become a good accountant. Friends, do not worry, today I will tell you how you can become an accountant. Many students think that they have done 12th art, so they cannot become an accountant or do accounting, then they may face problems. But my friends are not like that at all. If you have any subject in 12th, you can become a good accountant.

Which subject is best for become an accountant

Friends, after 10th you take commerce subject so that you will have all the information related to accounting like what are accounts, voucher, balance sheet, trial balance, etc. Due to which you will not have much problem understanding the accounts. And after the 12th you do B.COM because if I read about the account and financial in it, then it has complete information. Like I am telling you some subjects here, like

 1. B.COM in accounting and finance

2. B.COM in accounting and commerce

3. Bachelor of commerce in accounting

 4. BBA in accounting and finance

 You can do this. If you want, you can also Tally Accounting Course with and after doing this, if you apply for the job then you may have to face some problems because no big company gives jobs to the fresher. Companies will always want to hire experience only. For this, you can do a part-time job or work in a CA for at least 2 years, which will give you a lot of experience. You can do some things like GST, TDS, E-Payment, Business Accounting, Payroll, Practice inventory maintenance well. After this, if you try for a job in a big company, then there will be no problem.

Can one become an accountant with an art subject?

Friends, it is not at all that only those with commerce subject can Become a Good Accountant. Anyone can become an accountant, no matter what your subject has been, whether your subject is art, agriculture, science, it does not matter. The only difference is that the commerce student understands this a little sooner because he has read the account. A student without commerce should do it tally after 12th and after that should do some part-time work, or any C.A. He should work here for at least 2 years, which gives him a good experience, and after that, he can try for a job somewhere. Why nowadays everywhere like school, finance company, showroom. Medical, court, the accountant is needed everywhere. If you know to account well then you will also get it.

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