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Voucher Types in Tally Prime

Accounting Voucher in Tally prime

What are Types of voucher in accounting ? Voucher is a type of document in tally accounting which any accountant keeps records of his business in tally books. Vouchers are used to perform all types of transactions like purchase, sale, payment, receipt, contract etc. and to maintain the warehouse and calculate all.

Understanding Vouchers Types in Tally

When the accountant starts his business, and then when he create ledger and group after forming the company in tally, then after that accounting voucher I keep the record of my business transaction. Tally also has two types of vouchers, accounting vouchers and inventory vouchers. These are used by accountants in different ways according to their profession. I am showing below some of the voucher types of Tally.

Types of Vouchers in accounting

1. Contra Vouchers

2. Payment Vouchers

3. Receipt Voucher

4. Journal Vouchers

5. Sales Vouchers

6. Purchase Vouchers

7. Credit Note Vouchers

8. Debit Not Voucher

9. Memo Voucher

Accounting Vouchers in With Examples

1. Contra Voucher (F4) :- Contra Voucher is used to transfer funds, all cash and bank related entry is done in Contra Voucher. Like depositing cash in a bank. Cash withdrawal from bank. Transferring cash from bank to bank All these entries are made in the contra voucher

Example of contra voucher entry in tally

cash deposit in bank

cash withdrawal from bank

bank to bank cash transfer

2. Payment Voucher (F5) :- Any kind of payment related entry is made in the payment voucher in the business. Whether the payment is made by cash or bank cheque. If the cash is going out of business, that entry is made in the payment voucher.

Example of payment voucher entry

Rs. 15000/- paid to Rahul by cash

Cash payment of electricity bill of 10000/-

Cash Payment Raj 15000/- for Advertisement

3. Receipt Voucher (F6): If cash is coming into the business in any way, it is entered in the receipt voucher, whether the money is received in cash or its entry in the bank in the receipt voucher.

Example of Receipt Voucher Entry in Tally

12000/- cash received from Mr. Ramesh

12000/- check received by commission

4. Journal Voucher (F7) :- Journal Voucher is mostly used for adjustment entry in tally. No entry is made in this voucher relating to sale, purchase, payment, receipt, cash or bank.

Example of Journal Voucher Entry in Tally

fire damage

interest entry

party-to-party adjustment

5. Sales Voucher (F8) :- If there is any kind of sales from the business, then the entry related to it is made in the sales voucher. The sale is made in cash or by the bank.

Example of Sales Voucher Entry in Tally

Goods worth 15000/- were sold to Mr. Rahul

8500/- was sold to Mr. by Rajesh Bank

6. Purchase Voucher (F9) :- If any type of item is purchased in the business, then enter it in the purchase voucher. Purchases are made in cash or from the bank.

Example of Purchase Voucher in Tally

15000/- Purchase of goods by cash

Purchase of goods worth Rs.15200/- from Mr. Ankit Rao

7. Credit Note Voucher (CTRL+F8) :- When someone returns his goods, it is recorded in the Credit Note Voucher.

Example of credit not voucher entry in tally

Goods 15000/- returned from Mr. Avinash Gupta

8. Debit Note  Voucher (CTRL + F9) :- All types of entries related to purchase return are made in Debit Note Voucher.

Example of debit note entry in tally

10500/- Return to Vivek Traders

9. Memo Voucher (CTRL+F10) ;- This voucher is used only for memorization. There is no entry related to business in this.

Tally’s company All these ledgers have already been created, but if you want, you can also create a ledger in your tally company or make changes in them as per your requirement.

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