Accounting Vouchers in Tally

What are vouchers, when we make an entry in tally, we call it a journal entry, and the voucher we enter is called a voucher. In this post you will know about the different types of Vouchers. And when we enter a transaction in tally, which entry will go in key voucher, and what are their shortcut keys?

Friends, first of all you should know about the golden rules of accounting, so that you can understand what is called debit. And what is credit, who is to be debited and who is to be credited, after that if you read this voucher, you will understand soon. It’s good if you know.

Types Of Accounting Voucher In Tally

  1. Contra Voucher (F4)
    Contra Voucher is used for the following transactions
DateParticular Debit Credit
1/1/1Cash / Bank10000
Cash / Bank 10000
  1. To deposit cash in a bank or in a bank (cash deposit in a bank)
  2. Cash Withdrawal from the Bank (Cash Withdrawal from the Bank)
  3. To transfer money from my bank account to my own bank account
    When any transaction involves only bank and cash, all those entries will be in the contra voucher

2. Payment Vouchers (F5)

1/1/1/Mr. XYZ10000
Cash / Bank / Cheque10000

When a company, firm or individual makes payment to outsiders through cash or bank, we use payment vouchers.

3. Receipt Voucher (F6)

DateParticularDebit Credit
1/1/1Cash / Bank/ person 10000
Mr. XYZ10000

When a merchant receives a payment, we always put that entry in the receipt voucher, this payment can be either cash or bank transfer.

4. Journal Voucher (F7)

1/1/1Person/ Exp / assets10000
Person / exp / assets10000

Any entry which does not include bank and cash is made in the journal voucher,

5. Sales Voucher (F8)

DateParticularDebit Credit
1/1/1Cash / Bank 10000
Sales 10000

When a company or individual sells any goods on cash or on credit, that entry is made in the sales voucher.

6. Purchase Voucher (F9)

1/1/1Purchase 10000
Cash / Bank10000

When one buys goods on credit or in cash, he always makes that entry in the purchase voucher.

7. Credit Note Voucher (Ctrl + F8)
Sometimes it happens that a company sells its goods, but they come back. In this way we have to enter the sales return in the credit note voucher, the sale is returned to any company, because when the goods are sold then there is income but if there is return then the company has to bear the Expenses.

8. Debit Note Voucher (Ctrl+F9)
We buy a goods, but if for some reason it has to be returned, it is called purchase return, purchase return is income for a company, because when it returns the goods, the company will get money in return, Make Purchase Entry Debit Note Voucher Refund
These vouchers are always used whenever any entry is made in tally and on the basis of these your profit and loss account and balance sheet is prepared.

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