26 Most Shortcut Key for MS Office

When we are doing some work in our system then we have to do a lot of editing in our paragraph, which has 2 ways, either you go to that function and do that editing or your paragraph by using its shortcut key.

Friends, when we do editing by going to the function, then either we have to modify with the help of keyboard or we have to read again and again with the help of mouse, due to which we take more time to do matter editing. .

So friends, with the help of shortcuts, we take less time to work and when we use shortcut keys, it is called smart work.

Today I will tell you about 26 such shortcut keys, using which you can also be called a smart worker in your office, and do different things from others.

26 Most Shortcut Keys for MS Word

Ctrl+A (If you want to select all text use Ctrl+A)

Ctrl + B (If you want to make the text bold, select the text and press Ctrl + B)

Ctrl + C (If you want to copy a text or file, select it and press Ctrl + C)

Ctrl + D (If you want to change the font of the text, select the text and use Ctrl + D)

Ctrl + E (If you want to center a text, then Ctrl + E will select the text)

Ctrl + F (If we want to search a particular word in the whole paragraph, then type that text by pressing Ctrl + F and press OK, which will search the text)

Ctrl + G (If you want to go directly to a page, you will enter the page number by pressing Ctrl + G)

Ctrl+H (If you want to convert any text to other text, you have to type new text by pressing Ctrl+H)

Ctrl + I (If you want to italicize any text, you’ll use it by selecting the text)

Ctrl+J (If you want to justify your paragraph, select the paragraph and use it)

Ctrl+K (Used to place text hyperlinks)

Ctrl + L (Use to move text to the left)

Ctrl + M (use to hang document)

Ctrl + N (If you need a new page in Word, pressing Ctrl + N will open a new page)

Ctrl + O (use it if you want to open another Word file)

Ctrl + P (Used to print any document)

Ctrl + Q (Used for the first position of a paragraph)

Ctrl + R (use to move text to the right)

Ctrl + S (use it to save any document)

Ctrl + T (used to indent)

Ctrl + U (Use to underline text)

Ctrl+V (If you have copied any text, use it to paste the text)

Ctrl + W (Use to close the document)

Ctrl + X (Use to cut any text or document)

Ctrl + Y (It is used to repeat the task)

Ctrl + Z (If a file or text is deleted, it comes back using it)

Friends, even if you have not used these shortcut keys till now, then do them so that you will take less time to work and, in the office, you will be called a smart worker.
Thank you

Thank you.

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