16 Most Shortcut Key in Tally Accounting

Understanding shortcut key in tally

What is the shortcut key in tally? In Tally accounting, the shortcut key is used to mean all those shortcut keys, with the help of which accountants use while doing accounting in Tally. Just as there is a shortcut key in MS Office, similarly there is a shortcut key in Tally too. With the help of shortcut keys, accountants complete their work very easily and as soon as possible. Whenever the work is done by the accountant in Tally, the shortcut key appears on the screen.

Most of the accountants who have been working for many years are aware of all the shortcut keys of Tally, but those who have just become a new accountant or have started a new job, they find it very difficult to work in Tally. Let us know about some shortcuts of Tally so that you can complete your work quickly.

Shortuct key in tally with examples

1. Alt + c = make new ledger

2. Ctrl+enter = ledger alteration :

3. Ctrl + A = enter

4. Ctrl + N = open calculator

5. Alt + R = Remove ledger

6. Ctrl + U = unhide ladger

7. F1 = Select company

8. F2 = change date

9. Alt + F2 = Change period

10. F3 = Select company

11. F4 = Contra Entry shortcut key

12. F5 = Payment Entry shortcut key

13. F6 = Reciept Entry shortcut key

14. F7 = Journal Entry shortcut key

15. F8 = Sales Entry shortcut key

16. F9 = Purchase shortcut key

When an accountant starts working, he faces many problems in working. Shortcut keys not only make your work faster, but they also save time. Apart from these, there are many types of shortcut keys in Tally.

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